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BDSM: Peeking Through The Blindfold


Light BDSM seems to be everywhere these days, appearing anywhere from music videos- Rihanna’s S&M for example- to movies and women’s magazines (just look at the cover of Cosmo). Unfortunately most of these pop-culture images and discussions seem very superficial to me: we never get to really hear about everyday people practicing BDSM, their experiences, their reasons for interest or how it affects the nature of their relationships with romantic and sexual partners. The closest we come, in my opinion, to having public access to this kind of information is the sex-advice column Savage Love which runs in various newspapers all over Canada and United States, and is written by an openly gay sex-expert and sexual rights activist Dan Savage. BDSM is a popular topic in the column and many people write in to ask Dan for his advice, which is great, but that’s one very small honest discussion we’re having as a society; I was curious if there exists a comprehensive body of research on the topic of BDSM, and if so what more does it have to add to pop-culture fluff and Savage Love’s rawness. Continue reading