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Открытое Акционерное Общество “Экомол”

 Open Joint-stock company “Ekomol”


Анализ грамматики (выборочно)

uring the present period the enterprise makes mixed fodders for all kinds of agricultural animals and a bird, and also rabbits, nutrias, dogs, прудовых fishes.
Mixed fodders are developed in accordance with GOST, THAT or under the individual recipe, offered by the client. Made mixed fodders can look like a scattering, a granule, крупки and to be released to the consumer or packed into bags in standard weight to 50 kg.
At will of the client recipe any kind can be calculated at its presence on quality and cost from the raw materials which are available at the enterprise.
The recycled milk (a mix dry fodder) is intended for выпойки  calfs from 30-day age  It prepares on a special compounding and technology. The basic component is dry skim milk with addition of food fats эмульгированных , vitamins, microcells, flakes of grain component . The main destination регмолока is to replace whole milk at feeding of young growth of agricultural animals.




Currently our company produces various mixed fodders for farm animals, birds, rabbits, nutrias, dogs and pond-dwelling fish.

The mixed fodders are made using a generic GOST- approved recipe or using a custom recipe provided by a client. The finished product most commonly resembles loose grains or granules. When the product is ready it can be stored in standard packaging provided by us or poured into any container chosen and provided by the client.

Raw materials used to make the fodder (custom or standard) can be measured and inspected for quality in the presence of the client upon the client’s request.

Milk replacer powders are reconstituted with warm water and make an excellent and economical liquid feed for baby calves. It is prepared using special compounding and technologies. Milk replacer contains all milk proteins made from dried skim milk and whey. It should contain vitamins, crude protein, crude fat and crude fiber. The main idea of using milk replacer is to substitute whole milk for feeding calves.



OJSC “Minsksortsemovoshch”


Анализ грамматики (выборочно)

Open Society is the largest supplier of seeds of vegetable and flower cultures, bulbous, saplings of roses and other decorative trees and bushes, and also onions-sevka and grasses in Byelorussia. All our seeds pass serious check on conformity to established ГОСТ of Belarus. Our partners are such world famous вирмы as Satimex Quedlinburg and DLF Trifolium. We appreciate our clients. For your convenience we have developed network of retail shops and two wholesale warehouses: in Minsk and the item of Gatovo Minsk to r thow .

Wide assortment of grades and hybrids of seeds which urged to satisfy both the large agricultural enterprises, and farmer, приусадебные and country economy. It is necessary to notice that, except seeds, our firm brings to your attention a wide choice of protection frames, garden stock and other materials necessary for care by plants . Given production can be got in our network of retail shops (“Our shops” see page). Open Society guarantees high quality of the sold goods. Sowing qualities of seeds are confirmed by the certificate about кондиционности the seeds, given out  Gosseminspektsiej and соответствующем ГОСТ Besides, seeds pass quarantine check.We use the best efforts, that each of our buyers has found that is necessary for it.


Open Society is the largest supplier of seeds in Belarus. The large variety of our supply includes vegetable and flower seeds, rose and other decorative tree/bush saplings, onions as well as different garden herbs and grasses found in our country. Every one of our products passes mandatory quality inspection by the GOST of Belarus and we are proud to do business with world famous companies like Satimex Quedlinburg and DLF Trifolium. We appreciate all our clients and for their convenience our product is available in our retail stores as well as two wholesale warehouses located in Minsk and Minsk Gatovo.

The wide assortment of types of seeds and seed hybrids we offer aim to satisfy the demands of a multifaceted market that includes large agricultural enterprises, local farmers, as well as horticulturalists. To ensure that our clients are well equipped and prepared to take care of their plants we also offer a wide variety of protective frames and gardening tools and supplies which can all be purchased in our retail locations (for more information about our stores click on “Our Shops”).

Open Society guarantees the highest quality. The output and quality of sown seeds are confirmed by Gosseminspektsia- a Government Seed Inspection Agency- and is compliant with GOST. The seeds also pass a quarantine inspection.

When it comes to our clients, we always work hard to make sure that each buyer finds exactly what they were looking for.